Production Capability

Java Technologies manufactures various cable assemblies specific to your application requirements. We’re able to source a wide range of different brands’ connectors, housings, switches and terminal plugs according to customers’ requirement.

We make efforts to realize customers’ demand and we work hard to improve well to satisfy our valuable customers, we care much about your specific request and we value much the chance you’re giving us!
  • End manufacturers, has established long-term cooperation for years with plenty of well-known customers all over the world since we’re founded.
  • Convenience-driven customer service, able to source difficult materials for our valued customers and capable to provide with well-known brand component such as Tyco, JST, Molex, Deutsch, Phoenix…etc...
  • Quote with the crimping, soldering, tinning, molding, stripping, custom labeling, customized heat shrink tube and custom package.
  • Rapid prototyping, available from high-volume to small orders.
  • Positive mindset towards each single urgent demand. Always make sure the urgent order is monitored and the delivery status is accurately reflected.
  • Overmolded cable assemblies are supported by Java Technologies.
  • Pull force testing is executed to evaluate the mechanical properties of the crimped connections.
  • Special assembly products relate to all kinds of application.